Thursday, October 8, 2009

TOP Ten preparations to take before going to the Fillmore SF to see Tower of Power : By Al Carlos

10. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for standing, running and police transport.

9. If you are from the East Bay, your Ex-s will be there. (Exercise #10 if she brings a goofy looking 30 something kid with her).

8. Every Lady in the line dated band members, every Dude used to party with them.

7. If you are from out of town keep hands in pockets, scratching a body part may be a gang sign.

6. While in the local Fillmore area don’t buy tickets, phone cards, drugs, pork chops sandwiches or hair care products from locals.

5. It’s going to be crazy loud, plan to read lips in church on Sunday.

4. Keep your wallet in your front pocket, there will lots of body bumping with pick pockets and former brother in laws.

3. If you are from Canada, local beer will waste your time.

2. If you are in a horn band, take notes.

1. As a public Service, James De Soto bail bonds will have a "Get a broke Homie out of jail" 2 for 1 special, mention Carlos and get a free phone call.