Sunday, November 15, 2009

TOP Ten things Tower of Power likes about playing Denmark By Al Carlos

10.Rocco hopes to bring back a fresh Danish, named Helga.
 9. Very much like San Francisco because it is run by a Queen and you can get there by ferry.
 8. 2nd most peaceful country in the world, In honor of them they play Knock yourself up”.
 7. They have a savage history of Vikings, the band has a savage history of Raiders.
 6. A welfare state, concerts are held on the 1st and the 15th.
 5. Crew wanted to know what a reindeer/moose deli tray tasted like.
 4. DG needed some new funking –blogging-Twitter- fodder.
 3. Doc is thinking about changing over to a horn helmet instead of a fedora.
 2. Someone said at the Copenhagen zoo, if you are buzzed, they let you ride the Yak.
 1. No one in the whole country knows where Oakland is.