Thursday, December 3, 2009

TOP Ten reasons Tower of Power should be on Lopez late night TV show: By Al Carlos

10. Would boost ratings among normal people with real jobs.

9. No one else has the wisdom/cajones to book them, he would have an exclusive.

8. If he wants to break the late night color barrier, no one is more colorful than TOP.

7. Lopez mentions TOP in one of his routines, SVHTG makes him cry, (mas p)…

6. Equally as attractive as, yet, much more fashionable than Los Lobos.

5. Time for G Lo to pay it forward, give some OG’s a soul shake break.

4. Blow his band, with the exception of TOP Alum Bill Churchville, off the stage.

3. Sometime Hipness is what it is, not what the suits say it is.

2. Crime rate in Oakland will drop like a rock for one night.

1. Eric Estrada would get really, really, really mad.