Monday, December 21, 2009

TOP Ten signs the band tour bus driver is part time mall Santa :By Al Carlos

10. He asks everyone to sit on his lap and make a wish while driving.

9. He sings “Dawn we now our gay apparel” when a band member wears a new shirt.

8. He say’s ho, ho, ho even if Roadies doesn’t have a date on board.

7. Picks up fairs and jacks them for “Presents”.

6. Tosses up the Big “0” with every picture.

5. Wears green pointy elf shoes all year round.

4. He puts the bus on cruise control goes into the back and watches a DVD.

3. His Reindeers are 2 pit bulls with branches taped to their heads.

2. Same pay better hours.

1. Tried to smoke a 3 foot Christmas tree during a set break.