Thursday, January 28, 2010

TOP Ten reasons TOP merchandise isn’t moving By Al Carlos

10. None of the guys want their faces scanned for XXXL shirts.

9. Market research shows that true TOP fans never use their own credit card.

8. Pay pal red flags everyone from Oakland..

7. Every Raiderette and their Mamas declined offers to be the TOP bum bottom model.

6. Right before new media is ready to be shipped, someone quits.

5. For some strange reason all fans want is new music.

4. After a good look at TOP fans, they want to come out with a line of ski masks.

3. Management thinks this computer thing is a passing phase, like pop lock dancing.

2. They can’t perfect a t shirt that looks good tucked into Docker pants.

1. Rejected Victor Contes, “Done found the note lip gloss”.