Thursday, April 29, 2010

TOP Ten advantages of Tower of Power being from Oakland when visiting Japan next month By: Al Carlos

10.Can win big yen, three on three basketball with Doc as the post up center.
9. Smart enough not to wear slippery church shoes on bullet train when going to the restroom.
8. Most folks were afraid of you, because they think you’re a Black panther, Hell’s Angel, or even worse an Oakland Raider fan.
7. Not being afraid to take off shoes before entering someone’s home, secure in the knowledge that only water-skiers and snow boarders would steal them.
6. Everybody who thinks that Larry is Michael Jordan get free noodles.
5. Checks made out to Geisha Girls won’t clear until they are stateside.
4. Sake vaccination, roll up the floor.
3. They can sing, "Who is sushi, and what is she to you?"
2. The ability to avoid Baby Mama-san, Drama-san.
1. We don’t know Karate, but we knows Ka-Razor.