Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TOP Ten signs long weekend in Mexico was a mistake By Al Carlos

10.Drank a gallon of local Kool Aid, price of TP went up to one million pesos per roll.
9. Mexican Immigration arrested your uncle because he looks like Jan Brewer.

8. Your SUV was perfectly described in a popular Narco Corrido.

7. Got your nose caught in an accordion during a drunken sing along.

6. Your Lengua (Tongue) sandwich licked you back.

5. They kidnapped your Mother in Law, paid you to take her back.

4. Tried to speak Spanish now engaged to the Mayors transgender cousin.

3. In celebration of the World Cup, Someone painted your face with ink, now your passport is useless.

2. Went para sailing on the beach and got a Pelican stuck in your shorts.

1. Tijuana Dentist made your front false teeth look like Chicklets.