Friday, June 18, 2010

TOP Ten ways Fathers day can be awkward if Dad is a Raider fan By Al Carlos

10. Your 7 step brothers from 7 Mothers are all named Al Davis.

9. Swears that he is from Oakland Jalisco Mexico DF.

8. They stole his identity in the morning, that afternoon he had it back, along with a truckload of DVD players and flat screens.

7. He waxed his Escalade with your English teacher’s toupee; he snatched at parent’s night.

6. When you say Happy Father’s day he says that’s what you think pin head.

5. He used the Armani tie you gave him as a headband and drank the cologne.

4. Will not apologize for wearing a pirate suit to your College Graduation.

3. You took him fishing, instead of a pole, he brought a Glock.

2. He used the sweater you gave him as a diaper for his Igunana.

1. Thinks you have gender identification issues becasue you went to a 49er game once.