Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TOP Ten things Tower of Power wanted to work into the new show but didn’t By Al Carlos

10. Rocco levitating above the stage but "valuable stuff" kept falling out of his pockets.

9. Wino fights during “Knock yourself out”.

8. A tribute to Global warning by horns blow drying bad hairdos.

7. Band uniforms, other than standard issue orange Alameda County convict jumpsuits.

6. Rhythm section’s Afro wig hairdo tribute to Link from Mod Squad.

5. Using the underwear tossed on stage to launch a “Back to Oakland” Blimp.

4. Computer generated animal noises to cause goat stampedes at fair gigs.

3. Flashing strobe lights made real estate Accountants incontinent.

2. Short video on what is Hip...replacement.

1. The Lenny Pickett, way too much caffeine, AARP dance off.