Monday, September 13, 2010

TOP Ten signs your TOP 40th anniversary Fillmore DVD is a bootleg By Al Carlos

10.Burchie (TOP fan Bob Burchfield) is in the foreground playing bagpipes.

9. Super fan Susan Aceves sitting quietly and not causing any trouble.

8. The tall guy playing the Selmer is wearing a purple turban.

7. The picture keeps moving violently, getting restroom wall shots and ambient rude noises.

6. All the extra guys on stage are in police uniforms.

5. A dueling banjo and yodeling encore.

4. The losing lying punks from Monster Cable are taking credit for it.

3. The music sounds great but the only visual is a 20 minute picture of horn section shoes.

2. Lady Gaga was there wearing a tuxedo made out of neck bones

1. It came out already.