Saturday, October 23, 2010

TOP Ten Oakland Halloween trick or treat do’s and don’ts By Al Carlos

10.Always check restraining orders before knocking on a door.

9. Keep a firm grasp of your candy bag, folks will open the door snatch the bag, slam the door then, deny you where there.

8. A “Trick” means something completely different to some people.

7. If you hear a shotgun rack, hit the ground. Let them cap guy dressed like a 49ner fan behind you.

6. Do not take a handful of soup.

5. Don’t ask folks what they are dressed as, Raider Nation look really scary and don’t wear costumes.

4. Not slapping you cannot technically be considered a treat.

3. Dressing like a cop is never ever funny.

2. No matter what they tell you, they are supposed to give YOU the treat.

1. If you can grow a mustache Male/Female you are ineligible.