Friday, January 21, 2011

TOP Ten recollections of us who went to TOP Anniversary Fillmore DVD gig By Al Carlos

10. The women were righteous, ready and many in recovery.

9. If you remember being there you weren't really there; Right, Susan Aceves?

8. Wearing sneakers standing for 4 hours, then running to the car after wards, didn't work, cramps in legs.

7. Bad news car was stolen. Good news couldn't afford it anyway.

6. We didn't know that World Famous SF musicians would be there, neither did they.

5. James DeSoto bail bonds across the street from City Jail, gave fans a group rate, if you mentioned AC...

4. Made sure not drink anyone’s soda so you would not get dosed, dosed drinks cost more.

3. Guest list was as thick as Rocco’s medical records

2. Who knew that by the time the DVD actually came out you would be 70?

1. AARP had life counselors available but got slapped around in the parking lot.