Sunday, February 27, 2011

TOP Ten things Tower of Power should have known about Canada By Al Carlos

10. Mean faced men in starched hats are not pimps or park rangers.

9. Although many prescriptions are available over the counter, they frown on buying bulk for resale.

8. Dudley Do Right was not a real guy and Nel was not a Babe.

7. Relax, the folding money comes in colors, it’s not a Berkeley flashback.

6. Almost no one speaks Ebonics, (Black Slang) and there are very few interpreters.

5. The only gang sign they know is Elk Horns.

4. Don’t say anything bad about hockey, plaid shirts, or game show hosts, eh?

3. If someone wants to “Throw down the gloves”, run for the door.

2. Don’t argue music with Horndriven radio's TC while drinking without a helmet.

1. If a dude asks if you are “a Mountie” doesn’t mean, he thinks you are Gay.