Thursday, April 21, 2011

TOP Ten reasons Tower Of Power are not asked to perform at the Royal Wedding: By Al Carlos

10. They couldn't keep a straight face every time someone said, "The Queen Mother".

9. The only British Queen they know is Elton John.

8. The Father in Law threatened to sit in on bagpipes.

7. The only appropriate tune they could come up with was Duke of Earl.

6. They thought Prince of Wales meant, his kingdom only consisted of fat women.

5. Doc refused to paste Ostrich feathers and a veil to his hat.

4. If Prince Charles sat in the front row, his ears could affect the sound mix.

3. Nobody wanted to rent tuxedos, and all they had to wear was their going to court suits.

2. Sir Tom Jones could not get them on the guest list, only on will call.

1. Billions of TV viewers, literally dozens of TOP fans interested.