Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music from Josh Pfeiffer, San Gabriel 7, and Jack Mack And The Heart Attack just added.

Added to our current playlist are songs from Josh Pfeiffer, San Gabriel 7 & Jack Mack And The Heart Attack...see below

We have two songs from Northern California vocalist Josh Pfeiffer. Josh is a crooner in the style of Michael Buble. The two songs "Feeling Good" and "Almost Like Being In Love" are from Josh's CD "Josh Pfieffer American Crooner Act 1". Of note here is that Mic Gillette (of Tower Of Power fame) plays both trumpet and trombone on several of the songs. For more on Josh go to

Also added to the rotation, are two songs from the yet to be released CD title "Cottonwood Station" by the Southern California band San Gabriel Seven. The CD will be out in a few weeks. In the rotation are the songs "Cottonwood Station" and "Phat Sushi". As soon as the CD is available we will let you know. For more info on the San Gabriel 7 go to

Lastly, we have two songs from the soon to be released Cd by the one and only Jack Mack And The Heart Attack. The CD "Soul Meeting"should be released within the next few weeks. From Soul Meeting we are playing "Soul Man" and "Ride The Rocket". For more on Jack Mack go to