Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For the Fans of Greg Adams and East Bay Soul!

For the Fans of Greg Adams and East Bay Soul!

Greg is at right now and has less that 28 days to reach his goal of $25,000 to make a the new CD East Bay Soul 2.0.

There is NO major record label, NO suits and No one but you and the music you love. Greg is using Kickstarter to create something that gives back to you!

Here is the link to the fund raising platform at $9,320 pledged so far and at 37% of the $25,000 goal that has to be reached in 28 days on Aug 10th at 4.56PM PST.

A message form Greg:

Hello All!

I am hoping that you'll join me at kickstarter to make a pledge, and if you can, spread the word to your circle of friends that would be great. I need all the support I can gather.

The money is going towards the recording studio, engineer, mixing, mastering. the musicians, artwork and CD manufacturing. I am pretty fast in the studio. I am writing now and will have 10 original songs to go into the studio with. I have something to say now, more than ever. I have made 3 CDs on my own and have come as far I can. I am planning for a fall release or early January if we are successful at Kickstarter. No pledge is too small!!

At kickstarter if you do not reach the money goal set, the project does not get funded and all the money pledged goes away. No one gets charged. It's an all or nothing deal!

If we go over our goal, we get to keep the additional funds towards making the CD even better! Maybe add real string players and even promotion, i.e radio and print ads.

Thanks checking out what I am doing at I want to make a CD with you and some history too!

Soulfully yours,

Greg and East Bay Soul