Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gotham City Crime Fighters

Before "Tower of Power" there was the "Gotham City Crime Fighters". Part of the East Bay music scene, the Gotham City Crime Fighters released "Who Stole The Batmobile" in March of 1966. The group was made up Emilio Castillo (sax and organ), Jack Castillo (drums) Jody Lopez (guitar) Frank "Rocco' Houghton (bass, and later to be known as Francis Rocco Prestia), and Dave Getner (vocals).

This group was originally known as the Extension Five, but became known as the Gotham City Crime Fighters as the Batman craze of the 60's took off. The band would later evolve into and R & B band known as the Motowns, to finally become Tower of Power.

In the player below is "Who Stole The Batmobile".