Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 40th Tower Of Power

Well today's the day, its official, Tower of Power has now been performing for 40 Years. For Emilio Castillo and Doc Kupka that's 40 years together on-stage, uninterrupted. So Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or whatever you want to call it, its simply 40 years of the best soul music out there.

Got a report from three different sources, that the show TOP did last night at the San Mateo County Fair (CA) had some surprise guests. Alumni Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Lenny Pickett, Chester Thompson, and Bruce Conte were at the show, and performed. Roger Smith, still recovering from surgery, was at the show as well. So if your in and around San Mateo tonight, it might be a good idea to drop in, not sure who may show up, but it might be worth the price of admission.

Below is an article from the San Mateo daily news: