Friday, February 20, 2009

TOP Ten Complaint Comebacks From Horn Band Sound Crew: By Al Carlos

10. If you are so sensitive to sound, Why didn't you BITE ME when I asked you?

9. If you are such an expert, why do you still wear a Walkman?

8. This is simple, the closer your fat head is to the speaker, the louder the music will be.

7. Playing the triangle in the marching band does not qualify you to comment on music.

6. If you know so much about sound why do you keep asking Ladies to dance and they keep saying NO!

5. There is a point in inebriation where your ears simply don’t work, trust me I’ve worked Heavy Metal.

4. The reason you can't hear the B 3 is becasue we don't use one stupid.

3. A high hat can not only be loud but painful to wear as well.

2. Why are you bothering me at work, you don't see me going to Mc Donalds and slapping the fries out of your hand.

1. If it’s too loud, you are too old.