Monday, March 23, 2009

Beginning today, through the end of next week, will be playing the music of all the artists appearing on the “Strokeland Records” website. Strokeland Records, founded by Stephen “The Funky Doctor” Kupka, features music from not only the Strokeland Superband, but from regional and national artists from around the country.

Below is a list in artist order, of the music in our current rotation:

Alias Smith and Lane-Smile & Nod
Alias Smith and Lane-Little Buggers
Alias Smith and Lane-Flashback
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-Ipanema
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-One For Me One For You
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-The Ninth Of September
Bruce Conte-Don't Give Up On Love
Bruce Conte-Saturday Night Women
Bruce Conte-Thump
Chad Rager Groove-Whipping Post
Chad Rager Groove-Squib Cakes
Chad Rager Groove-Straight, No Chaser
Doctor Funk-Can't Fight The Funk
Doctor Funk-Livin In Bump City
Doctor Funk-Step Up To The Plate
Funkiphino-Hold On
Funkiphino-Rise Above
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband-Animal Walk
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband-Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband-I Do My Best Work At Night
Hip Service-Hip2DaFunk
Hip Service-Sunday Morning
Hip Service-Nuff Said
Jack Mack & Heart Attack-Good Good Man
Jack Mack & Heart Attack-I Found A Love
Jack Mack & Heart Attack-Livin' It Up
Jeff Tamelier-E & J 4 Way
Jeff Tamelier-Grease Release
Jeff Tamelier-East of the Caldecott
Jimmy McIntosh-G-Spot
Jimmy McIntosh-It Was a Virus
Jimmy McIntosh-Mama Funk
John Lee Sanders-Lost In The Shuffle
John Lee Sanders-It's All Blues To Me
John Lee Sanders-Foreclose On The House Of Love
Jon Smith-Miss New Orleans
Jon Smith-Slow Jam
Jon Smith-You are my Sunshine
Larry Braggs-Are You Happy?
Larry Braggs-For Crying Out Loud
Larry Braggs-Willin' To Learn
Lon Bronson-This Story Must Be Told
Lon Bronson-If You Aint Got Love
Lon Bronson-White Punks On Dope
Mark Dolin-Belly Up
Mark Dolin-Can't Stop Thinkin' About Ya
Mark Dolin-The Parkin' Lot Hang
Mathews, David K.-Four by Five
Mathews, David K.-Airegin
Mathews, David K.-Nite Trane
Mic Gillette-Tell Mama
Mic Gillette-Open Up The Door
Mic Gillette-Funky Good Time - Complete
Mingo Fishtrap-Catch The Bus
Mingo Fishtrap-Dirty Gritty
Mingo Fishtrap-Out Of Control
Patrick Allen-Good Lovin' Woman
Patrick Allen-You Lit A Fire In Me
Roger Smith-Fiesta
Roger Smith-Just Friends
Roger Smith-Sittin' In
Ron E. Beck-When the Sun Goes Down
Ron E. Beck-Rainbow
Ron E. Beck-Can't Go Back
Sage-King of the Avenues
Santa Fe-Ain't That Peculiar
Santa Fe-Livin' For The City
Santa Fe-We Are Nothing
Strokeland Superband-A Soulful Kinda Love
Strokeland Superband-Bumped Up To First Class
Strokeland Superband -It Is What It Is
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross-When Little Jesse Hit The Set
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross-It's The Law
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross-It Was A Natural Disaster
Tony Adamo-In The Winelight
Tony Adamo-Groove Therapy
Tony Adamo-Up In It
Zen Blues Quartet-Body And Fender Man
Zen Blues Quartet-Get Your Business Straight
Zen Blues Quartet-You're Gonna Need Me

For more information about Strokeland Records, or the artists currently playing, go to