Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Year Marks the 40th Anniversay for Cold Blood

From Cold Blood:

Cold Blood is officially 40 and feeling younger than ever! The new album, LIVE BLOOD is out and getting rave reviews. We are adding new tunes to the set, and we have the Lavelle White tune, 'Can't Take It.' from the afore mentioned album. 'Kissing My Love' is now a duet between Lydia and trumpeter Rich Armstrong. We added a trilogy of gospel tinged Cold Blood oldies, and even pay homage to Janis Joplin and do a song Lydia used to cover in the first days of Cold Blood. As the story goes, Lydia was singing the song and looks over to Janis ranting and flipping her off on the side of the stage... Janis says "hey, that's my tune- I'm recording it!" and Lydia explains that it's an old R& B cover. That night over a bottle of whisky they become friends. The song, Piece of My Heart, has come to be known as Janis' and you should hear Lydia do it. Interwoven with the story, it has become one of the favorites of the set as the history lesson and amazing depth of Lydia's voice transforms to bring to life a piece of rock history.

Speaking of history, the band may have a major tour coming to fruition- something to do with the Fillmore Foundation and the band "A Beautiful Day". We're keeping our fingers crossed. Imagine the two bands with an art show of the Fillmore posters!

Our goals this year are to bring Lydia and Cold Blood to the East Coast, and then Europe. Lydia has never been to Europe and I think our 40th anniversary is the year that this will happen!

BTW, we will do another amazing show opening for Tower in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 6th. Buy your tix early as this historic pairing always sells out fast. Cold Blood will tour the Midwest at after the gig.

That's our news for the new year... Here's to 2009- a new (real) president and a new outlook hopefully will bring peace and prosperity to all!

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