Monday, March 9, 2009

TOP Ten things overheard at Lon Bronson/Strokeland gig in Vegas: by Al Carlos

10. Casino was concerned that If Doc goes Vegas he may have loaded dice in his hat.

9. Security was concerned that these many Strokeland artists together may constitute a gang.

8. Horndriven webmaster Raoul captured it live via cell phone for Associate PD, TC, who hated life for not being there.

7. Club Madrid honored TOP guests by asking Larry Braggs to wear bull fighter pants.

6. The rest of the band went to heckle Donny and Marie.

5. The TOP guys showed up as a community service work detail, based on the last time they played Vegas.

4. The hot musical chemistry caused drunken high rollers in the front row to break out in honky hives.

3. Rocco planned to propose to a random Keno girl during set break.

2. The Lion that bit Roy, wanted to come but handlers were afraid of fans from Oakland.

1. So many horns on stage no one in the building could wear a hat or hair piece.