Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TOP Ten good things about being a clean sober horn band fan: By Al Carlos

10. I forget.

9. With the money you save you can open up a tax deferred IRA and retire in Cabo and start drinking again.

8. You no longer think you used to be in a band.

7. At gigs you can tell the differnece between a hug and someone copping a feel.

6. Less apt to dance with someone of your own gender.

5. You make it back home with the same clothes on.

4. You can still pretend to be drunk when caught singing the wrong words.

3. Catch 22; If you still partied hard, couldn’t afford the 45 dollar ticket.

2. Great concert reviews for people who went to the gigs but still drank.

1. The women be righteous litigious and pretty.