Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sage News Songs First On

This morning we added a new Play List. In that list are three songs from the band “Sage”. This August marks their 40th anniversary. To celebrate “Sage” is releasing a limited three song CD titled "Sage: 40th Anniversary Edition". These songs are a pre-release of a full length CD that will be issued in 2010.

The three songs on the CD, and currently in our rotation are:

"Make It Funky"
"Nobody Does It Like You"
"Take Me Back to the City"

Artists on this CD are the following members of “Sage”:

Frank Anzalone - B3
Russ Anzalone - Drums
Lou Soliz - Vocals
Joel Gonzalez - Bass
Joe Ryan - Guitar
Bill Vainer - tenor sax
Keith Kershner - Trombone

Plus Special Guests.... (all three songs)

Andy Winer - trumpet (and horn arrangements) from the American Idol band
Mic Gillette - trumpet and trombone (former and returning member of Tower of Power)
Tom Politzer - tenor sax (sax solos on "Take me Back" and "Make it Funky" Tower of Power)
Stephen “Doc” Kupka - Bari sax (Tower of Power)

Recorded at "Soundtek Studios" in Campbell, CA
Robert Berry - Recording engineer/mix master
Frank Anzalone – producer

The CD can be purchased (available within the next two weeks) from Sage at the following link: Sage CD.

Proceeds from the CD (100%) will be donated to local children's music programs!