Sunday, July 12, 2009

East Bay Soul's new release "Survival Of The Hippest"

As we announced earlier this month is the first station to play “Survival of the Hippest” the first single released by Greg Adams new project "East Bay Soul". The song was first played this weekend on the "East Bay Soul" Facebook page, and received great reviews from the bands fans.

"Survival Of The Hippest" can be heard three times in our eight and one half hour rotation. It is one of eleven songs to be released this September, and will hit national airplay later this month.

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The track listing for East Bay Soul's first CD release is:

1. “Survival of the Hippest”
2. “Bop Drop”
3. “Reading Lips”
4. “Jump, Shout and Holler”
5. “What’s It’s Gonna Be”
6. “Always Take Two”
7. “iHope”
8. “ Awaken”
9. “Stop”
10. “Five To Eleven”
11. “Someone New”
For more information please contact:
Andrea Adams at ALM Management Group
Phone: 818.609.9528