Friday, March 26, 2010

TOP Ten things I learned standing in the Horn spit section at a TOP gig By Al Carlos

10. Wear glasses with little windshield wipers on them.

9. Enough hot air to pass a major Health reform bill.

8. Your face looks like a cricket reflected off of Docs Sax.

7. Learn to read lips on the way home.

6. Your cell phone is fine, it your ears that are not working right.

5. You can tell if the band deli tray included garlic.

4. Horn players hate it when you suck lemons.

3. Blow drying your hair is redundant.

2. Don't wear a cheap toupee, they can blow it into the balcony.

1. The hardest part of Adolpo and Mic hitting the high notes is watching you dance without laughing.