Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Josh Shpak

Here is an update on Trumpet phenom, Josh Shpak.  As you recall Josh sat in with Tower Of Power in June of this year (Josh is a student of Mic Gillette's).  At that time Josh was about to visit Clark Terry at his home to study with Mr. Terry, and scheduled to go to the Berklee College of Music for a Summer workshop.

The following is an update from Michael Miller, Josh's mentor:

"Dear Raoul,

If you'll recall, we communicated just after my godson, Josh Shpak, sat in with Tower of Power at the Alameda County Fair here in California.

At that time, he was off to Boston to participate in the Berklee College of Music 5-Week Summer Jazz Workshop. Well, the big news is that, at the end of the final Berklee summer concert on Aug. 12th, the Berklee staff awarded Josh with a four-year/full-ride, full-tuition scholarship to the Berklee College of Music! With him currently only just beginning his senior year in high school, he can rest easy knowing he'll be attending the best music school in the world starting in the Fall of 2011. How cool is that!?!?!!

Anyway...I thought I'd give you that news in case you'd like to update your site!

All the best from way out west,