Monday, October 18, 2010

Greg Adams Short Story.

This short story was posted on the East Bay Soul facebook page September 12th. 2010.

San Francisco 1968. At the time I was 16 and a junior in high school. Westmoor HS in Daly City, just south of The City. Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago were big then and I was way into them because of, well, you know, horn bands. So when they came to town to play Fillmore West or Winterland I was the first one there on Thursday night. In the past I'd buy a ticket for opening night and talk my way backstage.

The first time I met Lee Loughnane from Chicago or Lew Soloff from BS&T was simply walking up to them and introducing myself. Which I thought was pretty brave of me. But both were very kind to me and after a little trumpet talk, I'd ask if I could be on the guest list for the next 3 nights. No problem. And hanging out backstage was, well how cool was that! There was always 3 bands on the playbill and sometimes two shows a night. I knew then that I just had to play there one day. Wow, look how that turned out.

This particular gig in 1968 was with BS&T and Lew put me on the guest list. It was at Winterland and If my memory is correct the bill was Cream, Buddy Miles Band and BS&T. Security was of course tight, but I was able to get a back stage pass thru Lew. San Francisco's who's who of the music scene was out in full because of this shows bands and, remember I'm only 16, I'm thinking yes, I could definitely deal with this sort of career.

So I'm standing in the main backstage public room talking to Lew and I hear this kind of a cackling laugh coming from, I'd say 20 feet from me. I turn around to look, and see that it's a woman who is about to photographed. Turned out to be one of the more iconic rock and roll pictures from our generation. Yes, I was there.