Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rosco's Place II available at Strokeland Records

As posted on Strokeland:

Rosco’s Place II, the anxiously-awaited follow up to Roger Smith's original Rosco’s Place, is here and ready to light a fire in the contemporary jazz world.

Featuring world-class musicians throughout, Roger takes us on a fanciful romp filled with delicious grooves, soulful changes, and well-crafted melodies. Roger is a true master of the keyboard and his technical abilities are astounding, yet he never lets the technical side of his playing overshadow the soulfulness.

Roger stretches out on the organ, piano, Rhodes, synthesizer, and bass and never fails to delight, alongside beautifully crafted solos from his many special guests. Many present and former members of Tower of Power make appearances on JAZZ ROSCO II, along with other stellar musicians.

Rosco’s Place. It's a great hang.

Also check out Roger Smith's great previous contemporary jazz release, SITTIN' IN, and the original ROSCO’S PLACE, also available right here on Strokeland Records.

Rosco's Place II will be available at other outlets like Amazon, CDbaby, Itunes and more on October 31st.

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