Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TOP Ten things band members from Oakland need to know about Japan By Al Carlos

10. 戻ってオークランドに

9. Saying, What the “Fukuoka” are you talking about? is acceptable.

8. Cannot eat ribs, pronounced “Libs” with chop sticks.

7. Someone bowing in front of you is not an opportunity to snatch a wallet.

6. It is polite to take your shoes off before entering someone’s home; it is rude to leave wearing someone else’s newer shoes.

5. Sushi is supposed to be raw, and not considered fishing bait.

4. Not all the dudes know Karate, only the ones with cute girlfriends.

3. Sake is rice wine served at room temperature in tiny cups so quit asking for ice cubes and a kool aid glass.

2. Do not get drunk and wear slippery church shoes on the bullet train.

1. It’s Yo Mama san.